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LIFT MY KNEES, Original Art by Tammie Lee

Lift My Knees is a series depicting the visual expression of a widows process and spiritual journey of being strengthened and lifted from a place of pain and vulnerability.

Prints available . 

God, please Lift My Knees and let these "Wails of a Widow" echo and fall as "Tears On Canvas" with colorful grace, faith and "Unfailed Love"....

From the series "Lift My Knees " Original pieces Acrylic on Canvas Artist - Tammie Lee On top: 

"Tears On Canvas"

48 x 48 SOLD

Bottom left: "Unfailed Love" 48 x 60 SOLD 

Bottom right:

SOLD!  "A Widows Wail" Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 48 Original art from the series, LIFT MY KNEES, by Tammie Lee, available now for purchase. Limited Prints also available 

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