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BLACK COTTON Book Launches at the California African American Museum!

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tammie Lee, of TamiVision, will celebrate the launch of the Book, Black Cotton, on Saturday, July 20, 2013, at the California African American Museum, along with the rest of the Black Cotton Team, (Hair by James Williams, Styling by Tomeekha Pitre Escott EL and Roneika Pinkney, Photography and Graphic Design by Rasta Asuru Escott EL)

Tammie Lee, on set, with model Leslie Holland

Tammie Lee, on set, with model Leslie Holland

"I am so excited to finally share my makeup artistry in a 200 page, coffee table, photographic art book, created by Rasta Asuru Escott EL" says Tammie Lee. "This book has been long awaited and I am so delighted with the outcome, the pictures are beautiful and vibrant and truly highlight the natural beauty of the Afro hair style and diversity of black hair.

"Through fashion, hair, and makeup, Black Cotton brilliantly exhibits the strength and glory of the African woman and tells the photographic story of the African presence in other cultures.

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