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The Black Cotton Book Launch, was held at the California African American Museum on Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Black Cotton Book Launch at California African American Museum

The team, consisting of; Makeup by Tammie Lee, of TamiVision, Hair by James Williams of S'emaj Hair Studio, Styling by Tomeekha Pitre Escott EL and Roneika Pinkney, created, photographed and designed by Rasta Asuru Escott EL, was in Celebration mode.

Stylist and Co Creator, Tomeekha Pitre, and Makeup Artist Tammie Lee, of TamiVision

Makeup Artist Tammie Lee with Black Cotton Hairstylist, James Williams of S'emaj Beauty Studio and Nina Jo.

Tammie Lee, of TamiVision autographing her first book.

Jessie Collins and wife Jennifer with Tammie Lee of TamiVision

Tammie Lee, of TamiVision with Artist, Natalie Ridley of B.O.S.S. Music, showing her support

Corrine showed her support with Tammie Lee

"This is a collaboration of love and creativity," says Tammie Lee. "Tomeekha and Rasta worked extremely hard to bring this book to life. It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful project."

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